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#Press Statement by the Sidama Ejjeetto


Ejjeetto Rejects an Invitation for Discussion That Potentially Derails Nation’s Move toward Constitutionally Guaranteed Right to A Sidama National Regional State.
[April 24, 2019]

It is extremely necessary to understand that the Sidama nation has repeatedly paid ultimate sacrifices with its son’s and daughter’s precious lives for several decades, in particular during the last 27 years seeking genuine self-rule that has been denied to the nation by the EPRDF’s government. 
It is also necessary to note that, the Sidama nation has fulfilled constitutionally stipulated pre-requite that entitles the nation to a regional self-rule during its July 18, 2018 Sidama Zone Council’s unanimous decision to be a national regional state.

Ironically, instead of honouring the constitution, the rulers of the country are obliviously embarked on intimidation of the Sidama human rights activists including Ejjeetto, attempting to inculcate in the psyches of the activists deceitful subterfuges and trying to bribe the indicated groups with the objectives of dived-and-sabotaging the Sidama’s aspiration to be a national regional state.

The Sidama nation strongly believes that the nation, at its final phase of its demands expects nothing other than the notification of the fixed date for running of the referendum for SNR-Statehood. Neither dialogue with members of the federal and SNNPRS leadership who are obliviously attempting to divert the constitutional course of the Sidama’s strides toward national regional statehood, nor explicit or implicit coercion of the Sidama Ejjeetto and reformist Sidama leadership will be tolerated by the united and peacefully moving Sidama nation.

The Ethiopia government’s leadership that remained oblivious and silent during the Sidama’s firm demands as the nation staged on a repeated peaceful demonstrations, now coming up with such divisive unconstitutional approach at the critical juncture in our history needs to be wholly rejected by the Sidama nation.

The Sidama’s peaceful demonstrations for example included the gathering of the Sidama elders (Ciimmeeyye) in the capital’s traditional ceremonial square ‘Guudumale and their subsequent deliberation that fully endorsed the national movement of the Sidama and its Ejjeetto for self-rule; Gaado I, Gaado II and Gaado Furra (Sidama Women and Girls peaceful Demonstration of April 09, 2019) during which the leadership now attempting to call the Sidama nation for dialogue and discussion of unknown outcome remained chillingly silent and, at worst disrespectful of our nation.

The Sidama nation wholly rejects such blind-walking to an unknown end; and such attempts however will yield no fruit as our peaceful and constitutional struggle for self-rule continues with a unified and purpose driven objective, with larger vigour, strong and unwavering commitment and determination. It is imperative that, our demand is legal and constitutional that needs no more dialogue and discussion whose objective is malicious, but it needs constitutionally guaranteed rights to be legally and officially addressed by only fixing the date for referendum as a matter of urgency.

Until the federal and regional governments abide with the constitutional rule of the country to fix and notify our nation of the date, we won’t have any agenda for any discussion with any person whose objective could potentially hamper our peaceful move towards asserting our national regional statehood.

Finally, cognizant of the remaining days for the Sidama referendum before the deadline are only 85; during this remaining time if the SNNPRS’s council and federal election board fail to fix the date and agree to managing and running of the referendum instead of wasting their time on unconstitutional matters; we the Sidama Ejjeetto with our wider nation use the power of our unity to force the Sidama zone to unilaterally declare the SNRS on the 19th of July 2019.

Therefore, we strongly advise the Ethiopian government to respect our nation and exercise civil way of handling legally and constitutionally guaranteed right of our nation instead of playing cat-mouse game. Besides, the Sidama nation remains civil and legally obedient to the provisions of the country’s constitution. 

The Sidama Ejjeetto,




April 24, 2019



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