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Rochester museum celebrates Ethiopian tradition through "Gena" - የኢትዮጵያ ገና በሮክስተር



Members of the St. George Ethiopian Orthodox Church celebrated Gena, which is Christmas in Ethiopia, Saturday afternoon.

Gena is celebrated January 7th, since some Orthodox Christians follow the Julian calendar and today they were at the Minnesota Children's Museum Rochester to show everyone how they celebrate their holiday.

However, the holiday is celebrated for the same reason, the main difference being that Gena is more about feasting and enjoying the company of others, rather than gift-giving.

A children's choir performed today in their traditional wear while singing and dancing.

The event at the also had storytelling and ornament craft making.

"We're apart of the community and we want to show everybody else kind of like our culture. It was a great turnout.. seems like the kids enjoyed it and we definitely had a good time. It means a lot and it was a great thing that they invited us," said Lily Tamire, a St. George Orthodox Church member.

A special Gena celebration will also be performed at the church next Saturday to ring in the day of celebration.


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